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    Harvesting Wheat in Toledo Ohio

Bridging the Gap Between Landowners and Project Developers:

As local conservation professionals, Land Stewards provides consultation, assessment, and design services to landowners affected by development projects which can impact agricultural drainage and the long-term productivity of agricultural land. We leverage our knowledge, skill and expertise along with our trusted reputation to partner with landowners and project developers in order to secure optimal outcomes for both parties.

“As a native Ohioan, I understand a farm family’s land is their livelihood. At Land Stewards, we pledge to work closely with landowners to protect and restore the long-term productivity of their land – We share a commitment to the land and the heritage of our agricultural community” – Mark Wilson

News & Recent Changes


  • Drainage is an issue of utmost importance to agricultural operators and land owners, especially restrictions imposed by governing agencies. For more discussion on this topic visit our section on drainage, and then consider contacting us.
  • Quick publication links: Browse Caring for the Land online, or view items of interest by other authors in the Reference Publications section.
  • We’ve recently added information about the following types of services we offer:
    • Technical
    • Regulatory
    • Public Policy
    • Business Management
    • Look for more updates to these areas soon!
  • The section about Who We Are has new information about us, with more updates coming soon
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