Who We Are

libraryLand Stewards is an Ohio-based, multidisciplinary consulting group that specializes in caring for the land in a manner that ensures its long-term sustainability and harmony with the environment. Our qualified and experienced team includes soil scientists, conservation planners, agronomists, engineers, GIS analysts and local drainage contractors. We are proud to be a part of the solution.

Our Mission:

We coordinate a comprehensive, continuous and site specific approach designed to minimize project impacts to agricultural land. In short, our mission is to do what is right for the land, and in the end, make the landowner whole.

Where We Are Involved

Our current list of projects include: Energy Transfer – Rover Pipeline, Kinder Morgan – Utopia Pipeline, and Spectra Energy – NEXUS Pipeline.

What We Do

  • We consult with landowners – at their invitation and preferably in their home – and discuss ways in which project impacts to drain tile and soil productivity can be minimized.
  • We inventory existing drain tile using remote and on-site assessment methods.
    • Remote assessment relies primarily upon high resolution aerial imagery, LiDAR elevation data, soil surveys, and as-built drain tile maps.
    • On-site assessment relies primarily upon personal interviews, first hand observations, topographic surveys, soil probes, and underground locator lines.
  • If the intensity and layout of drain tile warrants, we design and verify a Drain Tile Relocation and Reclamation (DTR&R) Plan. The goal of a DTR&R Plan is to minimize the number of times drain tile cross the project.
  • We help landowners identify a local drainage contractor willing to install the DTR&R Plan.
  • We conduct soil surveys of the project route, specifically focusing on topsoil depth and subsoil characteristics.
  • We provide experienced agricultural inspectors to oversee project construction.
  • We provide third party monitoring and evaluation of drainage and soil compaction complaints that may arise post-project construction.

“As a native Ohioan, I understand a family’s land is very often their livelihood. At Land Stewards, we pride ourselves in working hand-in-hand with our neighbors to protect and restore the long-term productivity and integrity of their land–because at the end of the day we share a commitment to maintaining the beauty and heritage of our communities.”Mark Wilson

As a professional agronomist and President of Land Stewards, Mark has over 30 years of experience in soil and water conservation, soil science and crop production, drainage water management, water quality, on-farm environmental audits, mediation, expert witness testimony, government environmental regulatory programs and USDA conservation programs.

Education, Training and Professional Affiliations and Recognitions

  • M.S. and B.S. in Agronomy – The Ohio State University
  • Certified Crop Advisor (Board of Directors) – American Society of Agronomy
  • ArcView 9.3 – ArcGIS I & II Certification
  • Certified Conservation Planner and Technical Service Provider – Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning (CNMP) – USDA-NRCS
  • Brookside Consultant Level I & II Certification – Brookside Laboratory
  • Basic Mediation Training – Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio
  • Soil and Water Conservation Society, Ohio Chapter – Outstanding Member and Past President & Secretary
  • Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy, OSU – Advisory Council